2 Step Process: Crisp Dill Pickles Straight from the Fridge

  • 2 ¾ Qts Water
  • 1 ¼ qts Distilled White Vinegar
  • ¾ C Pickling Salt
  • 27-30 Pickling Cucumbers
  • Fresh dill
  • Garlic Cloves, peeled
  • Whole Mixed Peppercorns

Step 1. Place the water, vinegar, and salt in a large pan and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and refrigerate in gallon jar overnight.

Step 2. The next day, scrub the cucumbers and remove blossom ends.

To pack-layer cucumbers, some dill, a few garlic cloves, and peppercorns in a sterilized gallon pickling jar or use smaller canning jars.  Repeat layers, packing quite tightly, and leaving head space at the top of the jar.  Pour cold brine over pickles to cover.  Secure with lid and refrigerate for at least 3 days before eating.

 Keep stored in the refrigerator and eat at will.  Hot peppers can also be added if desired.

  Witte’s Vegetable Market, LLC